Sissy Taxi Driver


I was a young man when I started my job as a taxi driver. It was not too difficult but sometimes dangerous. Some ugly men stole my money once. But my real problem was that I was really nice and shy so I was raped many times by strong men, especially black men.

They fucked my ass with such a delight I was soon convinced I had to change my strategy. Instead of going to the police to get no justice I had to invent a solution.


So, here I am after two years. Now many men want to fuck me as usual but instead of raping me or stealing my money I am paid for it… and I really enjoy it too!

Of course some surgery was necessary but not too much. Only my boobs are new, the rest was my parents’ gift! My training as a sissy was a real success and now I love make-up and lingerie…

Who wants to pay for a special ride with your sissy taxi driver???

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Happy New Sissy Year!


Hello, everybody!

I am back again after so many months… too many problems and a new job… you know what I mean!

We start again with a very short sketch!

As a stupid nerd my school career was pure hell. I was very good at any intellectual subject but I was hopeless in terms of physical activities. I was bullied by most of the students. Nobody wanted to play with me…


Nowadays, after my sissy training,  many of the boys want to play with me instead! Who knows why?… Happy New Year 2014!

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Beach Sissy


At last on holiday!

I have been working hard for a year now and I really wanted to have some rest… and some fun!

Well, I am Maggie by the way and I am a special girl! Not born as a girl if you know what I mean!

Anyway, most people don’t understand I am a tgirl at first. I usually pass as a natural born woman… and some men have special tranny surprises when we are in bed!

I like it a lot when they discover my sissy clit! All that pretty woman and a dick!


Well, I was supposed to spend some time on this beach for nudists. They told me there were very friendly people who would appreciate some fun with special girls like me.

Am I in the wrong place? Well, the beach is beautiful for sure… but where are the hunk men they announced in the ad?

I feel sad… and horny! Look at my sissy clit!.. Once it is not encaged it dangles happily and wait for some sex…

Of course it knows it is never allowed to do the job! I am a purist sissy and only want to serve well endowed macho men… Mhmm… I am a bit bored now… anyone interested???

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Hungry Sissy


Being a weak and effeminate boy is not always easy. People bully and harass you all the time. That’s what it happened to me for so many years.

Then, fortunately, you meet some kind men who find you are cute enough to suck their cocks or let them fuck you properly and your life becomes much better. You are a faggot but a cute one with some great success in your sex life!

Afterwards, the problem is that you want to become prettier and prettier. Hormone therapy, make-up, beautician, hairdresser, lingerie and beautiful dresses… so wonderful! But what about your silhouette?

You need a strict diet to keep you fit… so you are always hungry!!!


I am a hungry sissy!!! I would like to eat much more than I do but I cannot! So, how can I do to get some satisfaction and fool my appetite?

Here is my personal solution… and tasty cock party… with hunk guys and duly encaged, of course!

So much meat to eat and suck… so much good cum to drink… a perfect diet for a sexy hungry sissy!

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Bondage Sissy


What am I doing here?

I was supposed to come to this resort to have some rest and some fun too. As a young lawyer I needed some holiday after two years of intense work.

The resort seemed to offer everything I wanted. Nice room, swimming pool and beach, elegant restaurant and disco, sports facilities, gambling and so on… Maybe I had to consider the price before booking. Too low for such a standing!

There could be some trick… But I couldn’t imagine the direction would do what they did! I was a bit unlucky playing poker and lost a lot of money… In order to pay my due and being a bit effeminate they offered me a deal…


What the hell! I couldn’t imagine such a consequence!

I was supposed to perform in a show as the girlie boy only to amuse the audience one night… So they feminized me and explained me the so called fake bondage show I was a part of.

Since then I have performed this show hundreds of time! The audience was enthusiast and still is… I am here to stay… as a sexy bondage sissy… what a shame!

But the real problem is that men pay to fuck me hard after the show… and I like it so much!

Don’t say a word… I know you want to come to see me… or maybe you want to find a job in the show too!!!

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Sissy Playing Burlesque


My wife Dora and my sister Jennifer are very funny and outgoing girls. They always organize parties and dinners with our friends. They particularly like burlesque and practice it in a special school in the nearby town and in very exclusive clubs.

I am more on the shy side and Dora is used to kid me all the time.

Well, that’s not the real problem. Dora is a very hot wife and loves cheating on me! She adores big black cocks more than my average dick and she always wants me to assist her when she lets some hunk guy fuck her all night long. Jennifer is always pleased to help her sister-in-law and loves bareback fucking after the show, too.

But what are they doing today?


Dora and my sister asked me to help them improve their burlesque show. How? Well, by dressing me en femme!!!

I was reluctant at first but these two women together are too strong so I had to capitulate. So, here I am

wearing pumps, black nylons, a sexy garter belt, fake breasts with a lovely bra and a blond wig! An adorable sissy faggot!

Both my mistresses are playing with my panty and smiling at my excited dick! What a shame!!! I am so confused!

But, hey.. they are talking about some black guys very fond of sissies!!! Playing burlesque could be funny but what have these two whores got in mind???

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Busy Sissy


I have always been busy… I have to admit I like it a lot. No time to lose, I am not a slacker! Better to be workaholic!

When I was very young I used to study and work altogether. It was hard time but I managed to do it!

Then, I found a good job as an accountant. It was difficult but very challenging. It became more when I started falling in love with my boss! Me, a weak boy, infatuated of a big man!

How could I manage to go along with that? Maybe I only had to adapt…


Well, my friends say I was successful! Perhaps too much, in fact! Don’t you think so?

My boss helped me become a cute sissy girl. Unfortunately, he didn’t fall in love with me. What a pity! He is a straight man, he is married and has four beautiful children.

Anyway he makes me meet a group of his friends who really are found of sissies. They started feminizing and fucking me properly since our very first date.

Nowadays I am very often busy giving them pleasure… duly chastised and dolled up like a whore. I love it!

If you want to meet me, please, call me in advance… I am booked up for the next six months!!!

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Sissy Kiss


Hi, everybody!

I am Daisy… well it used to be Daniel some years ago!

I was born a boy… almost a boy, to say the truth, as nobody ever thought I could become a real boy. Too cute, maybe, too effeminate for sure…

I grew up in the countryside, far away from bullies and nasty people. And I grew up as a girl, as far as I knew a natural girl…

Till I met real natural girls one day… and they showed me the way they used to have a vagina. I thought they were monsters at first… I discovered I was the freak!

How many cries and tears… I wanted to die! But mum helped me and let me know Miss Janet, my future Mistress.


Here are the results!

Mistress says I am a beautiful girl… of course I can pass in public while, in private, things are a bit different!

My sissy clit is evident but my boyfriends don’t care at all. Some of them are really fond of it although it is always limp and almost useless! Fortunately enough my natural breasts are evident and sexy too!!!

Mistress Janet asked me this photo to send a sissy kiss to my fans… Do you want to be one of them? Or maybe do you want to have my mistress’ phone number?

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So Cute Sissy Whore


Aunt Mary used to say I was not born to be a boy. Too cute to be a tough guy… even a simple nerd!

Of course my mum and my dad were unhappy with her. They had always wanted a boy after three daughters!

So I had to be boyish in some way for thirteen years. I knew aunt Mary was right. I wanted to play dolls and looked like a real girl even at school. So, I was bullied and harassed many times. It was a torture to be a son!

Aunt Mary offered me some relief when we stayed at home together sometimes. I was so happy to dress like a girl and use her make-up!

Then, one day my mother discovered she was pregnant again. It was not programmed but fortunately it happened… a boy was coming. Matthew arrived eight months later and it was a revolution!


I was finally authorized to be what I was naturally born to be… a girlie boy! I used to go to aunt Mary’s more and more and finally decided to live with her. So fun to live like a girl!

My parents didn’t know aunt Mary had become a whore, a professional whore. I discovered she wanted me to become a professional sissy whore! What a shame I said at first! But when I was introduced to my first client it was pure pleasure! I loved cocks straightway and being fucked is so kinky!

Here I am after my thousandth client… Do you agree I am a cute sissy whore now???

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Sissy in Sex Ecstasy


When I was a young teenager I used to listen to many men talking about sex pleasure. They were older than me so I tried to understand and discover what they were feeling.

Their descriptions were very detailed but I couldn’t imagine myself in the same situations. They were so straight and strong. I was so weak and submissive! How could I seduce a woman? Or even make love to her???

Was sex pleasure prohibited to me? I was so sad I couldn’t feel it.

Then one day, one of the men made me understand I was not born to be a real man. At first I didn’t understand but when he showed me his enormous cock I felt something exceptional inside me! A real pleasure, only to look at his incredible amount of beautiful and scented flesh! It was a revelation!


And a revelation it is whenever an alpha man fucks me for real! Nowadays sex pleasure is my everyday life!

Of course, as you can see in the photo, I am not on the straight side of sex! It was inevitable! So weak and so submissive, so sensible and fascinated by big cocks… How could I be a macho guy???

Better to be what I was programmed to be… a sissy!!!

Oh, I love it… and now, duly feminized, I can feel sex vibrations and offer sex pleasure to strong men around. It is pure sissy ecstasy!!!

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