Sissified by my Neighbor

When I met Harold I was a young student at the local university. I was a good student but I was a bit depressed as I had no real friend and the girls used to kid me because I was not male enough!

I was not involved in any sports teams as I was a total nerd. Then I met him one day. He is a tall young man, not very handsome but absolutely a strong guy. We chatted and I immediately felt we could become friend. I told him about my lack of ability to do anything physical.

He answered that I was well endowed to get physical success although I was looking for the wrong expression of my body. I asked him to explain it to me. He insisted to prove it practically.


And here is the result! I am his super sexy sissy now, always dolled up and horny!!! I love the way he changed me! I really enjoy being more femme than the nerd boy I was two years ago! I love going shopping and going to the hairdresser as well as to the beauty salon. I am very fond of make-up and lingerie. And, of course, I adore being duly fucked by him, as you can see!

Moreover, my fellow students at the university are very kind to me now and the girls are often very jealous!!!

How funny being a sexy sissy, don’t you think so???

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